Spring time

Arriving in rainy Prince Rupert at 2am in the morning it was obvious cycling away from the boat that the weather here was much warmer, however we had replaced snow with rain, Oh well. We woke up in the morning to an ultra green and lush environment, totally different from the landscape we had left in Alaska, it was spring time!. Our next destination would be Prince George, 470 miles east.

After two days on the road we rode into a town called Terrace, we pulled into a local supermarket, bought a few bits and ate lunch on the floor outside. Halfway through our gourmet lunch a young couple asked us where we had come from and then offered us a place to stay for the night, they put our bikes in the back of the their truck and drove us down the road to a beautiful cabin by the river Skeena. Kim and Robert where both white water rafters and lived in the perfect place for it. They cooked us dinner outside on an open fire and we sat by the river and enjoyed the evening. At some point in the evening they asked if we would like to have sauna, we agreed and the next thing we knew we were sat in a hand built sauna in the middle of a Canadian spruce trees next to the river, really didn't expect this while we were sat outside the supermarket eating our lunch. Thanks Kim & Robert!

We cycled for two days and hit a town called Smithers, along the way we spotted our first bear, a black bear on the side of the road, we rode past and it looked at us and then carried on eating grass. The morning before reaching Prince George we were woken up by the sound of rain and the feeling of water dripping on our faces, our brand new tent was leaking like a sieve all over everything, packing everything away in our rain coats we got on the road. We reached Prince George that afternoon and stayed with Rob and Natalie, a couple who offered to host us along our way. We had a really great few days, Rob showed us around Prince George and we spent the evening sharing stories and photographs with Rob, Natalie and his parents. Our leaking tent got sorted (hopefully) by the local camp shop in town who swapped our tent for a new one. Feeling rested we said our goodbyes and headed South for Vancouver. Thank you Rob, Natalie and family, we had a really lovely time.


Prince George, Canada


28 May, 2013