Tigr Lock

We have been using the new TiGr Titanium locks and thought we would show some photos of them for those of you who are interested ! They work really well for touring as they fit around pretty much anything and can easily fit around our large tyres.

The locks feel very sturdy and are clearly really well made, they do take a bit of getting used to but once you get the knack we find them really easy to use and like their simple design.

The titanium has a thin coating of plastic that protects your bike frame nicely. We do find them a little tough to carry, but find they fit along our Ortlieb rack packs really well.

We were kindly sent a set with matching keys, which is very useful for us ! Thanks Jim

We would highly recommend these locks for touring and cycling in the city, they are really lightweight and the security they provide is equal to much heavier locks, really impressed.


Prince George, Canada


26 May, 2013